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Why Partner with Nativo?

Nativo means native. We use the highest quality Açaí berry fruit in its true “nativo” form. Nativo Açaí is wild-harvested by natives along the riverbanks of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

Our açaí maintains its native color, taste and nutritional properties. The açaí berry is an antioxidant powerhouse, loaded with essential fatty acids, amino acids, fiber and calcium. Nativo brand açaí is unadulterated, pure, and delicious. This is true native amazon fruit the way nature intended it to be. You have a choice. Demand Nativo. Nativo Açai offers its products for both food service and retail at wholesale prices. We have several different options available. Please fill out the Contact Form below for more information.

Food Service

Our food service products are conveniently packaged in 100g units for quick and easy portioning. No pouches to open.

Nativo Puro Açai (unsweetened)
8Kg case (80 x 100g bars)     Net. Weight 17.68lbs

Nativo Fused Açai (guarana)
8Kg case (80 x 100g bars)     Net. Weight 17.68lbs

Nativo Raw Pitaya Cubes
6Kg case (60 x 100g cubes)    Net. Weight 13.26lbs


Our retail pouches are designed to be noticeable and appealing on the shelf. The resealable pouches of acai contain four 100g bars. The zip-lock pouches of pitaya contain 500 grams of loose dragon fruit cubes.

Nativo Puro Açai (unsweetened)
6Kg case (15 pouches w/4 x 100g bars)    Net.Wt. 13.26lbs

Nativo Fused Açai (guarana)
6Kg case (15 pouches w/4 x 100g bars)     Net.Wt. 13.26lbs

Nativo Raw Pitaya Cubes
6Kg case (12 pouches x 500g cubes)     Net.Wt. 13.26lbs

Nativo also offers acai in bulk units as large as 55 gallon drums in full 40 foot containers.

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