Customer Reviews : Nativo Amazon Acai Company

So happy I found Nativo Acai at Wholefoods! Makes for a great breakfast or after gym snack.This pulp is the real thing, a game changer.

    Stephanie Rosado

Simply delicious! The best acai I have ever tried and I make A LOT of acai bowls at home.

    Eleven 86

I enjoyed Amazing açaí this morning and please try this amazing Original taste of our Brazil !

    Thais and Flavio

Nativo acai is a great Brazilian product, it tastes really good, it’s excellent to make acai bowls, protein shakes, smoothies, etc.
The Fused kind has a little bit of guarana in it, which gives you that extra kick of energy before or after working out.
I recently found out they carry Pitaya as well, which is the latest “it” Brazilian fruit making the rounds in the healthy circles.
Really good for you, too! *thumbs up*

   MAX Power