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Nativo Pitaya


Nativo Pitaya Dragonfruit Cubes

Convenient easy to use fruit cubes are perfect for making delicious pitaya bowls, smoothies, cocktails, desserts and much more. Our 100% Raw dragonfruit is hand-selected and chopped into cubes then quickly frozen to seal in freshness. When blended with other ingredients, the deep red color becomes a vibrant pink that tastes as good as it looks. Try Nativo Pitaya by itself or blend it with any number of ingredients such as banana, almond milk, nut butter, protein powder, yogurt, liquor, ice cream or any other concoction you can conceive.

Ingredients: Red Dragonfruit cubes with seeds

Each pouch contains 5 servings of 100g

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Each pack contains 5 servings of 100g.

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