Nativo FUSED Acai

Nativo FusedAçaí™ Smoothie Packs  (4 x 100 g/3.53 oz)

Easy to use and perfect for making delicious açaí smoothies, açaí bowls, cocktails, desserts and much more. Fused Açaí™ is pure açaí pulp with a touch of guaraná for an extra boost of energy and flavor.  Have Fused Açaí™ by itself or blend with any number of ingredients such as fruit, milk, protein powder, yogurt, liquor, ice cream or just about any other concoction you can conceive.

Ingredients:  Wild-harvested açaí, guaraná extract, evaporated cane juice, citric acid

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Each pack contains 4 servings of 100g.

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