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Delicious and refreshing, also known as “pitaya,” dragonfruit is a unique looking exotic fruit that grows on a cactus throughout Mexico, Central America and Southeast Asia. We start by hand-selecting the highest quality, fresh, red pitaya, chunk it into cubes then quick freeze it for convenient use. Pitaya is mildly sweet and has the consistency of a Kiwi and Watermelon combined. Use Nativo Pitaya to create you own healthy and delicious pitaya bowls and smoothies or just eat them straight from the bag. Any way you prepare it, these convenient pitaya cubes will brighten your day and give you the energy needed to fuel your passion.

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Dragonfruit is a NUTRIENT-PACKED Superfood, and contains:

pitaya nutrition factsLycopene for cancer prevention
Whole foodsFiber which aids in digestion
Pitaya health benefitsOmega fatty acids for heart-healthy fats
Pitaya fruit benefitsVitamin C to boost immunity
Antioxidant FruitAntioxidants that fight free radicals

Pitaya, is colloquially known as Dragon Fruit, and it is considered to be a super fruit that is indigenous to Central and South America,from where the pitaya cactus was exported all over the world.There are several different species of Pitaya. The most popular in the United States is Pitaya Roja or Red Pitaya which has a mildly sweet taste and beautiful red flesh that produces a vibrant pink color when blended in smoothies and bowls.
Pitaya or Dragon Fruit is absolutely delicious as well as a truly refreshing fruit that is generally found on a specific kind of Pitaya cactus that is cultivated in Mexico, Central America and Southeast Asia. Research studies show that the Pitaya fruit has many health benefits for the human body due to its high nutritional value.
Red Pitaya products have a hot pink color that is visually attractive to the consumer. It is mixed in several recipes to make truly delicious and wholesome pitaya smoothie or pitaya bowl. Nativo sources only the highest quality dragon fruit for our pitaya products. Our pitaya cubes are harvested at their peak and cut into bite size cubes before they are frozen. As such, our pitaya cubes are not processed and never heat treated by pasteurization. Therefore, the nutritional integrity of the fruit is preserved. Nativo Pitaya is organic, raw and has no additives or preservatives.

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  • 100% RAWNever heat processed, 100% pure fruit cut in cubes and quick frozen to seal in freshness
  • DELICIOUS & HIGH QUALITY Hand selected at peak maturity and freshness
  • NON-GMO, REAL SUPERFOOD Unadulterated, pure, raw and delicious, dragon fruit the way nature intended it to be
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Pitaya Dragon Fruit
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