How to make an Awesome Acai Bowl

Acai bowls are really easy to make and once you start, chances are you going to get hooked. The first thing you need is a good blender. We recommend a Vitamix or a Blendtec because you need a good blender to be able to blend the acai thick – like peanut butter. If you can pour the acai out of the blender jar, it is too thin. We want you to have to spoon it out.
So you need to create your base acai blend and then decide on your toppings. What’s great about this is that the extent of the toppings is endless. Therefore, you can always make something different if you so choose. If you like to add you own sweetener then use Nativo “Puro” Acai. It has no sugar, additives or preservatives. You can add agave, honey, coconut water, almond milk to your blend. I personally love it with agave. It gives the blend a good texture and the flavor with the acai is delicious. For one person, I recommend (2) 100 grams packs. Add a little of the above and/or half a banana (frozen banana even better) to blend your base. Remember thick.
If you want to use the Nativo “Fused” Acai then you don’t need to add any type of sweetener because the acai is a fusion of acai, guarana and evaporated cane juice. This is the Brazilian traditional recipe. The flavor of the guarana compliments the flavor of the acai. There are days that I just crave the “Fused” because of the guarana flavor – so I keep both products on hand in my freezer. Another advantage to the Fused is that you can eat it right out of the package. Just trim the top with a scissor and push it up like a push pop. I wrap a napkin around the bottom to protect the hands from the frozen package. This is a quick and easy snack – especially for my kids.
Toppings for you Nativo Acai Bowl?
The list is endless! Banana slices, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, mango just to name a few favorite fruit toppings. Then you have hemp seeds, chia seeds, granola, pumpkin seeds, and nuts. Use your imagination and come up with different combinations. There is no doubt that you will love it! And most importantly, you will be consuming one of the healthiest foods on the planet and support preservation of the Amazon Rainforest.